Eric Schiffer is a best-selling author, and a successful entrepreneur. He has founded two companies listed on Inc. Magazine's 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies, and serves as a trusted advisor to multiple Fortune 500 CEOs, foreign business leaders, and Forbes 400 billionaires. He has been featured on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post and Entertainment Today; BusinessWeek named him alongside Richard Branson in their list of the Top Entrepreneurs in the World; and he was prominently listed as a Top Bachelor in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Currently, Eric Schiffer is Chairman and CEO of Patriarch Equity, and serves as the chairman of Reputation Management Consultants. Most of all he enjoys his charity work on behalf of the Clinton Health Access Initiative and

Entrepreneurship ran through his veins from the start. At 10, Eric Schiffer authored Pumping Iron for Teenagers, earning him $10,000 from Ballantine Books. After months of persistent calls to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor arranged a foreword to be written by his friend, Mr. Olympia, Franco Colombu. Just two years later, Eric paid the groundskeeper at Candlestick Park to let him dig up the end zone following the playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys where Joe Montana passed to Dwight Clark for the most famous play in San Francisco 49ers history, “The Catch.” Eric sold these collectibles across the country as official pieces of the 49ers end zone for a handsome profit.

The next year, he programmed an educational multimedia software application on molecular fusion that received awards from the CEO of Intel, Crown Zellerbach, and IBM, leading to the creation of a successful e-learning company. He devoted several years to large-scale research projects, developing fundamental insights that translated into books, organizations, and speeches.

His second book, Emotionally Charged Learning, was a #1 Best Seller, selling well over 300,000 copies around the world. Found on nightstands of CEOs and MBAs, the book covers a revolutionary management leadership discovery that education, sophisticated entertainment, and powerful emotions combined together to create a lasting transfer of knowledge to address personal and organizational excellence.

He is an accomplished film and animation director who has directed and acted with Faye Dunaway, Robert Wagner, Corbin Bernsen, and Lorenzo Lamas. Eric Schiffer has made cameos in several films and film shorts, including as the husband of supermodel Rachel Hunter. He was famously asked to tackle Freddy Krueger (the great Robert Englund) when the life of “Bizarre” host John Byner was in jeopardy in front of actress Sally Struthers, playing the producer, who couldn’t help but watch.

A member of Mensa and a long-time southern California resident, he is a frequently featured expert in Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, and on Fox News. In what little spare time he has left, Eric Schiffer enjoys exercising, writing, collecting fine art, and traveling the world.

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Eric Schiffer will be the first to espouse that "it takes a village." A gracious benefactor, his largesse has supported a number of worthwhile charities.

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On the nightstands of CEOs and MBA students alike, Schiffer's insights into the business world are enlightening, pragmatic, and above all else, effective.

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